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What you tell yourself has a great impact on how you play and even on how you feel.


"800 Club"

Dan Schroeder 836 Clover Club 84
Jon Keenan 835 Tuesday Summer Triples
Dustin Tyler 845 Classic Doubles
Joe Ciccone 804s Tuesday Sport Classic
Mike Bolger 811 R G & E
Jon Keenan 817 RHBS
Jon Keenan 826 Monroes' Scratch
Rob Stewart 804 Beechwood PO
Jon Keenan 830 RHBS
Mike Wambold 836 RHBS
Rob Wrights 811 Beechwood PO
Mike Zazzaro Jr. 802 St. Joes Men
Jon Keenan 834 Monroes
Gene Bernardo SR. 824 Saturday Mixers
Dan Vick 836 s Cannan Sport Classic
Jim Heerkens 834 Monroes' 4 Man
Alex Kierpiec 826 St. Joe's Men


"300 Club"

Terry McLamore St. Joes Men
Jim Heerkens Tuesday Summer Triples
Dustin Tyler Tuesday Summer Triples
Mike Bolger R G & E
Jon Keenan RHBS
Shawn Mclaughlin Friday Early Birds
Jon Keenan Xerox Tech
Charlie Derby Monroes 4 Man
Jon Keenan Monroes 4 Man
Judy Koester RHBS
Rob Wrights Beechwood PO
Jim Heerkens Monroes 4 Man
Mike Zazzaro Jr. St. Joes Men
Gene Bernardo Sr. Saturday Mixers
Judy Koester RHBS
Brian O'Mara Tuesday Sport Classic
Dan Keenan Tuesday Sport Classic
Rob Eckman Pittsfordmen
John Myers Monroes' 4 Man
Alex Kierpiec Monroes' 4 Man
Lamont Walters St. Joes Men
Lamont Walters St. Joes Men
Riley Flanagan MC High School Boys
Emily Notebaert Saturday Juniors
Reese Hurwitz MC High School Boys
Randy Holtz CC84
Matt Trenchard St. Joes Men
Derek Heerkens Xerox Tech
Josh Underwood QES


"11 In A Row"

Dan Schroeder 299 Clover Club 84
Scott Stephenson 279 Clover Club 84
Nate Pembrook 299 Saturday Juniors
Bob Babcock 290 Tuesday Summer Triples
Jon Buckert 280 Tuesday Summer Triples
Dustin Tyler 299 Classic Doubles
Joe Ciccone 290s Tuesday Sport Classic
Sarah Germano 299s Tuesday Sport Classic
Kyle Keegan 290s Cannan Sport Classic
Larry Zubert 290 Monroes' 4 Man
Mike Zazzaro JR 299 St. Joes Men
Mark Scuderi 297 s Tuesday Sport Classic
Kyle Keegan 290 Tuesday Sport Classic
Ben Guerra 290 Beechwood P.O.
Tim Jones 296 R G & E
Jason Carr 290 Tuesday Night Mixed
Dominique Newton  299 Saturday Juniors
Luke Peters 299 MC High School Boys
Bruce Merkle 290 CC 84
Dan Schroeder 299 CC 84
Jay Schaefer 290 CC 84


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