Bowling Tip

Pick your ball up with 2 hands:  It will ease the strain on your back and lessen your fatigue, allowing for more energy to bowl with.

                                                             2013-2014    Bracket Madness Tournament Winner

                                                                Bracket Madness Winner

                                                                                          Lee Longtin


                                        Prize List

                                                           Lee Longtin   $500

                                        Zac Mcmutrie $250

                                       Bob Hummel   $100 

                                       Mike Mrzwyka $100

                                       Tom Mooney  $50

                                       Mike Gombetto $50

                                       Charlie Derby    $50  

                                       Dan D'Angelantonio $50


                                                         Following people won $25

                                                      Mandy Ortega, Dave Brink, Rich Paul, Chuck Lindenmuth,

                                                        Alex Kierpiec, Greg Scrbacic, Mike Bolger.

                                              Thank you to all those who participated in our year long event.  

                                                               Please look for this again next year.





                                   King And Queen


  1. We will have 2 divisions (boys and girls) on both Friday and Saturday.
  2. Individuals need to be signed up and paid prior to the 3rd frame of the 1st game.
  3. There will be a $2.00 entry fee each week. All fees will go towards scholarships.
  4. Scores will be series plus handicap.
  5. Handicap will be 90% of 220.
  6. The 1st week the top 2 qualifiers in their division will meet after bowling to bowl a 2 game head to head roll off to determine the King and Queen for the week.
  7. After the 1st week the high qualifier in each division will meet the reigning King or Queen for that week to attempt to dethrone them.
  8. Individuals must be present to defend their crown
  9. If individuals are not here to bowl in league competition, they are unable to defend crown, and we will use week #1 qualifying rule.


Remember, any week can be your chance to dethrone the reigning King or Queen, so don’t miss your opportunity enter and wiJunior Super Sweeper



                                                                                                DV8 Shootout













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