Bowling Tip

Pick your ball up with 2 hands:  It will ease the strain on your back and lessen your fatigue, allowing for more energy to bowl with.


"800 Club"

Sean Burns 822 Classic Doubles Challenge
Gail DiRienzo 801 Classic Doubles Challenge
Cory Barber 804 Saturday Juniors
Kara Mangiola 816 Junior Bowler's Tour
Mike Drechsler 801 Saturday Mixers
Dave Woodhams 802 Thursday Scratch
Dennis Tubolino Jr. 813 Classic Doubles Challenge

"300 Club"

Sean Burns Classic Doubles Challenge
Bryan Fromm QES
Tony Speed Thursday Scratch
Jim McGrath Saturday Adult/Junior
Larry Winkie City/Catholic High School
Mike Rogechefsky Monroe County High School
Ed Rybicki Friday Early Birds
Jon Keenan Thursday Scratch
Jim Heerkens Thursday Scratch
Jon Keenan Thursday Scratch
Gary Holowka Jr. Thursday Scratch
Josh Underwood QES Men
Dominic Quinzi Classic Doubles Challenge
Ian Deutchki Thursday Scratch
Victor Parris Harris RF Mixed
Jody Cravotta Monday Scratch Doubles
Rob Dautel R.G.&E.
Ray LeChase (Sport) Cannan Sport Classic
Bill Sophia RHBS
Pete O'Brian Classic Doubles Challenge
John Hahn Clover Club 84
Emily Notebaert Saturday Junior Major
Dennis Tubolino Jr. Classic Doubles Challenge
Sarah Germano Thursday Scratch
Jim Kain St. Joe's Men
Derek Heerkens Xerox Tech
Chris Lamb (x2) Tuesday Summer Triples
Kai Clark Tuesday Summer Triples

"11 In A Row"

John Mitch 297 Clover Club 84
Joe Fedele 290 Monroe County H.S.
Jon Keenan 299 Xerox Tech
Doug Coleman 290 St. Joe's Men
Dave Mack (Sport) 290 Clock Doc Team USA
Nate Saint Ours (Sport) 290 Clock Doc Team USA
Tony Rebis 299 Thursday Scratch
Mike Zazzaro Jr. 299 St. Joe's Men
Ryne Flynn 290 St. Joe's Men
Mike Zazzaro Jr. 279 St. Joe's Men
Denae Kleehamer 299 Rochester Youth Travel
Garth Anderson 299 Classic Doubles Challenge
Tony Speed 298 Thursday Scratch
Mike Kapusinski 299 Thursday Scratch
Anthony DeSimone 299 Saturday Junior Major
Gary Holowka Jr. 298 Thursday Scratch
Eddy Gorall 290 R.G.&E.
Jeremy Dutcher 299 Pittsford Men
Tommy Kress 299 Classic Doubles Challenge


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